Tim Holmes studio

in the heart of helena, montana



Tim Holmes’ amazing historic studio was built in 1890 as a “home for wayward women” by Catholic nuns. The 3-story building is like a museum, featuring fine woodwork, original wallpaper, handpainted ceilings, and now stuffed with art! It will be our home base for 3 days of interaction and discovery.



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Optional tours in the area

Before, during and after the official confluence

Giant’s Playground


Montana dolmens near Helena were only recently discovered. These enormous stone structures boggle the mind. It’s impossible to see these bizarre structures without thinking of giants or slave armies or maybe architecture-loving dinosaurs!
Of course we refuse to believe that actual giants put this together. We tend to blame science. But that makes things no easier. How would Nature have done it? We are amazed and perhaps simple amazement is the point.







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yellowstone National Park    a must-see once in your life

Discover the natural wonder of Yellowstone Park, from the geysers to the geology beneath the plant communities to the animals migrating through this unique ecosystem. 

While Native Americans have lived in the Yellowstone region for at least 11,000 years, aside from visits by mountain men during the early-to-mid-19th century, organized exploration did not begin until the late 1860s. Created in 1872 as the nation’s first national park, it is one that must be seen to be believed!

A 2-day tour from Helena for a small group. Cost not included in Confluence fee.





Sacred water

Sacred water from the top of the world


A small group of us will visit the nearby Continental Divide to collect spring water from the top of the world to use in our ritual.

Please indicate your interest so we know.

Free. (90 min.)






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Helena, Montana

America’s best small arts town

There’s lots to see around Helena. If you can, come early and stay late to share some of the spectacle with the folks from around the world that will no doubt become your new BFFs.  Contact us for lodging options.


Helena, Montana’s capital city, is a fascinating historic gold mining town that touts itself as the “America’s best small arts town” with great architecture, museums, and terrific scenery. Within 1/4 mile of the Tim Holmes Studio is the State Capital complex, the beautiful St. Helena Cathedral, parks and hiking trails. Come see Montana in the springtime, “with her prom dress on!”

The town perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the west, serving as the ultimate backdrop for adventure. But the adventure itself is completely up to you. In search of a pulse-pounding encounter with nature? There are 75 miles of nearby trails waiting to be explored or biked – and those are just the ones that start downtown. Maybe you’re a student of culture, eager for any opportunity to absorb some history?  All across town, you’ll come across historic roots that reach back hundreds of years – from Carroll College, to the Mansion District, to the Montana State Capitol building.


St. Helena Cathedral