“what wants to awaken in you?”


At this critical historic moment, our Confluence gathers individuals interested in pursuing paths of creative potential to explore possible changes for the betterment of humankind. The organizers hold up the central tenants of Jungian psychology to explore and articulate nascent avenues crucial to their transformation. We hold the symbol of the Water Bearer as critical to this endeavor, emphasizing personal experience and creative expression as the vehicle of this change.



The COVID crisis serves as not only a threat, but presents a wonderful gift; a shaking of the snowglobe of civilization, to choose to not go back to that pointless lifestyle as passive consumers but to determine that we are going to live our lives deeply as who we were created to be. Carl Jung says that every declaration of individuality is an act of courage; every time you declare your diversion from the norm. Following along is just easier than living your own life!


As we wrestle together with challenges confronting all of us in our lives today, each participant will have the opportunity to discover and explore their own, unique ideas for creative change. We believe the path for profound change comes from this creative wellspring alone. It is our hope that we all can share an experience of creative enrichment that will enhance our ability to resolve many of the collective challenges the coming years of the water barrier bring. Please join us.




The Creator’s Art Confluence will present a variety of workshops and activities including lectures, discussions, experiential art workshops, ritual, social mixing, play, and synchronistic unfoldings.


The Creator’s Art conference focuses on this idea that the Spirit of the Times tells us the individual Self is the source of creative change. We don’t know which of us will end up changing the world, but without a deliberate focus on discovery and release of that creative spiritual energy civilization will sink in the mud of inertia.


To focus on not “returning to normal”, but implementing a renewed civilization: anti-suicidal, more human-centered, more responsive, more cooperative, i.e. Feminine. To envision and encourage a new way of civilizing our future.



Sleeping Beauty; An Awakening -Robert F. Mannis Ph.D. and Coeleen Kiebert M.S.

The Sleeping Beauty fairy tale is at least 2,000 years old. We will attempt to synthesize Coeleen’s unique methodology of collage articulation with Bob’s analysis of the fairy tale, into a unique and personally profound experience for each participant. Because the archetypal roots of Sleeping Beauty reach back into antiquity, each participant will be able to connect with all our grandparents who were spiritually enriched by the telling and retelling of this mysterious fairy tale.

Coeleen will facilitate each participant’s personal exploration of Sleeping Beauty (eros function). Bob will offer symbolic and archetypal insights from his research (logos function). Both Coeleen and Bob are of the opinion that a Jungian perspective is best employed to understand why our own soul resonates so deeply with the fairy tale. The marriage of the experiential process with intellectual understanding will hopefully leave each participant both spiritually nourished and emotionally satisfied.



Learn how “ritual relationships” can be used for personal transformation by creating a special temenos, a ritual social space for creative action. In this unique wilderness, creativity is unbounded and the partners serve not as personas but as mirrors of each other. Following alchemical principles, here the opposites are brought into tension to foster transformation. Using the artist/model encounter as a metaphor for all human interpersonal interaction. In what Holmes describes as “a mix of psychotherapy, theater and professional wrestling”, as an artist he encounters in the model an otherwise invisible version of himself, a pattern that occurs in every interpersonal encounter. Thus the artist/model dialog resembles an alchemical wedding.

Participants are invited into the alchemical crucible to witness such an encounter in action, to witness and experience that energy personally. They’re urged to respond with creative expressions of their own. The encounter is preceded by an intro and followed by a debriefing session where we share our experiences.


Wabi-Sabi Painting and Bookmaking -Sherrie Lovler  

Wabi-sabi is the Japanese aesthetic of appreciating beauty in imperfection. Using this as our underlying guide, something magical happens in the uncontrolled parts on a page where ink meets water. We will contrast these natural occurrences with calligraphic lines and gestures using sumi ink, brushes and other tools. A slideshow and talk will introduce the principles of Wabi-sabi, empty space and chi. Then we will get centered and present in our bodies, and be led step by step into making several spontaneous-looking pages that will be cropped and sewn into a 5″ x 10″ Japanese stab bound book. Words are optional and can be incorporated into the pages as they are created or added later.  No experience needed. Limited to 20. Please register free below.


CONVERSATION: POETRY  -Jon Jackson and Sherrie lovler

There is no one way to write poems, but rather many ways, each individual to the person and to the poem itself. Poet Sherrie Lovler describes her process. Jon Jackson then responds to each point by describing his own similar or different poetry writing process. Then we will open the discussion up to the participants to ask questions and to share their own experiences with poetry. In this portion of the presentation, we will include the participants as equal authorities in the poetry process. This is followed by an experiential poetry-writing session and participants would be invited to share their new spontaneous poems.


public EventsFri. June 109:00 AM

Sacred water

contInental divide VISIT

gathering Sacred Water 

A small group will visit the divide to collect spring water. Free. (90 min.)


Tour Map

Fri. June 10

10:30 AM


boulder, mt

Visit Montana Dolmens

A small group will tour the dolmens, huge stone arrangements that defy the imagination; about 2 hours. Free. (2 hrs.)

Fri. June 10

12:00 – 6:00

Kiebert sculpture

art exhibition

The transformational image

A free art exhibit by four of us international artists will be available for public view.

Sun. June 12

7:30 PM

Helena Ave. Theater

a one-act play

THe analyst and the Rabbi

A play about enemies reconciling; the issue of our times. Two years after WWII Carl Jung had been accused of sympathizing with Nazis. He then met with an “enemy” in the prominent rabbi Leo Baeck, and the two emerged life-long friends. What happened in that 2-hour meeting?



June 13, 6:00 PM

Vanilla Bean Cafe, Helena

Bring your ideas to rub against ours.

“Our times” Community conversation dinner

Here is a chance for the public to engage in a conversation over a catered dinner about the ideas that will encourage a more resilient and responsive future. Confluence presenters and participants will facilitate the discussion at each table.

Dinner Tickets $35


Yellowstone national park Tour

One shouldn’t come to Montana without visiting one of the earth’s great natural wonders! We’ll visit as a group for two days, June 14th to 16th. Expenses, including meals and lodging, will be between $450 and $675, depending on final numbers.

Tour is SOLD OUT

Lana Shaheen

June 10, 3:00 PM, THStudio

Lana Shaheen

ART and survival in Gaza

This Palestinian artist once wrapped her paintings around her torso to escape from Gaza. She shares with us her art and her remarkable story.

Bersie Zellele

June 12, 10:30 AM


Bersie Zellele

an Untold story of war

Bersie shares a gripping story of her home, Ethiopia, which exploded into civil war since she arrived here to study last August.

See the full schedule here

documentary film

We are planning on filming the whole Confluence, to be turned into a documentary by filmmaker Wallace Boss, who met and filmed us in our in-person planning meeting in Santa Cruz, CA in November.