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The Creator’s Art; A Confluence of Art, Psychology and Renewal

June 10-13, 2022 • Tim Holmes Studio • Helena, Montan


The Creator’s Art Confluence will present a variety of workshops and activities over three days, including lectures, discussions, experiential art workshops, rituals, social events, play, and synchronistic unfoldings.  $495 (some scholarships available.)

Special Art events

The Transformational Image, a collection of art created by the presenters will be available to the public and for private view.

• The premier of a new play The Analyst and the Rabbi; how do those who disagree find common ground in trying times?

• Presentations of remarkable personal stories of heroines from across the sea.

Workshops IncludeD:

Artist’s Alchemy -the archetype of encountering another person 

Conversation: Poetry

Sleeping Beauty in the Aquarian Age* -changing the GROUND of civilization

Creative Process and collage-making -unfolding your own gems

Wabi-Sabi and Bookmaking

Tarot for our Times

Tim Holmes studio

the setting


Our Confluence unfolds around the Tim Holmes Studio, a beautifully restored historic building in the heart of Helena, Montana’s tidy capital city. Built in 1890 as a “Home for Wayward Women” it’s been lovingly restored to historic accuracy and now serves as the studio and gallery of artist Tim Holmes. Other events take place elsewhere around the city.


This is us, your presenters:


Our team



They are all older than me—

the mountains, seas, trees.

They hold the wisdom of the years,

the secrets to survive.

They know not to fret

over small things,

that the world goes on around them

crazy and blind.

They remain steadfast in their presence,

all drinking from the same pool—

the one at the center of the universe,

the one offering me a sip.

     -Sherrie Lovler

Waterbearer sculpture

mission statement

Living Deeply As Your True Self

How many of us live lives of quiet desperation, feeling like we’ve lost the point of being alive? It seems our highest shared goal is merely one of becoming rich and famous, exacerbated by such forces as political polarization and climate change, leaving us feeling there’s little we can do to improve our lives. This is the face of mass hysteria; where we feel powerless to do much but simply get along and get ahead according to established rules. It’s not that some evil genius designed it this way, but more like when the car hit the ditch it was just simpler for the authorities to convince the rest of us that this is the best we could hope for.

We disagree. The COVID crisis presents a wonderful gift; a shaking of the snowglobe of civilization, a once-a-lifetime  chance to rethink our common lifestyle as passive consumers, and determine that we’re going to live our lives deeply as who we were created to be! Carl Jung says that every time you declare your diversion from the norm is an act of courage. Following along is just easier than living your own unique life! But for change we cannot look to traditional institutions–– the church, corporations or governments–– to provide guidance. Change has to come from the single human source of creative inspiration: the true compass that exists in our own hearts. This is the dawning of a new chapter in human evolution: that of the Aquarian Age.

Our confluence suggests that is the source of creative change is the individual Self. Art, psychology and religion will continue to propel us forward, but only the enlightened and empowered individual can create the ideas needed to rescue humanity from its current suicidal path; by celebrating and releasing that spirit among us through relational renewal. Human relationships are the key to change, by addressing not bifurcated policy but common culture. Please join us!

-Editable DRAFT by Tim Holm