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Waterbearer Sculpture

“Waterbearer”, a bronze by Tim Holmes, was commissioned for this Confluence as an award. Five bronzes were awarded to outstanding practitioners who’ve made a significant contribution to enhancing the study of the work of Dr. C. G. Jung. Dr. Jung’s vast body of work has enhanced the lives of people throughout the world, not only in psychotherapy, but in the fields of religion, the arts, business, and politics as well. Recipients of this award may be laymen as well as Jungian analysts, astrologers, artists, and many others depending on their contributions to their fields. of depth psychology at that event.

GoFundMe campaign has been started to award more sculptures in the future.


Special discount on this bronze is offered to for Jung Societies and Astrology Organizations.

A larger-than-life bronze will also be installed in downtown Helena, MT in the next year.