If you’re interested in future Confluences but unable to attend in person, there are other options. We choose to limit participation to preserve the intimacy of the Confluence, but anyone can watch most sessions free online. We believe in the “fishbowl” concept of sharing intimate in-person encounters in meatspace (with all its emotional and physical richness) with a larger group of remote witnesses who can share in limited participation through a live-stream.

Tim workshop

live stream of  most Presentations

In a few days we’ll have video archives available of all the sessions…after a little rest and reconstitution!

it was great!

Click above for the video archive of sessions.

Who Gives All Gifts crowd

public events

Anyone in the area is invited to join any and all public events in person: the art exhibit, play, discussions, etc. 

Times & Locations

All local public events are listed at this link:

view events later

All live-streamed events will be available soon on Mr. Internet.

it was great!

Click above for the video archive of sessions.


follow-up community

We intend to start a flame that carries on the ideas generated by the Confluence. We need yours!

Stay in touch

We are planning future confluences elsewhere across the U.S.

keep in touch in future

We wish to foster an ongoing connection with those who are concerned about the future and the central question of the Confluence