Robert Mannis, one of our presenters, responds:

The importance of the new millennium, can’t be underestimated. It is unfortunate that this momentous occasion is sullied by a song popular 50 years ago. I completely agree that the hippie identity with Aquarius was immature, certainly. But at the same time it was infused with far more than debauched self-indulgence. It also held an incipient consciousness affirming the process of individuation, as well as our mutual responsibilities to each other collectively, and especially the value of creativity. In the limited vernacular of the day it was clumsily expressed as, “do your own thing, man”. 

So yes it was naive and immature but without it, we could all be withering away in a meaningless old age. I personally owe much to that Dionysian experience and the avenues it has opened for me and others to explore our spirit both individually and collectively. I’m grateful to that time, as it has allowed me to avoid nihilistic despondency in my life.

Hopefully our efforts will help transform that naive “hippie self indulgent mentality”, to a mature attitude of growth and development, that we all embrace, each in our own way. I believe the symbol of Aquarius best conveys that mystery.



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