Well OK, technically he’s dead, but this fall we’ve been honored to be sharing a study of Marie Rainer Rilke, under the gentle guidance of our Dr. Jon Jackson in an online study of Dr. Daniel Polikoff’s new book In The Image Of Orpheus: Rilke ~ A Soul History


Jon had invited Dr. Polikoff to visit our group. He was unavailable, but he did write a lovely reply which we want to quote in part (to the right). Rilke’s poetry, Dr. Polikoff’s book and Jon’s illuminations all very much reflect the motivations behind our Confluence.

“…part of what is wrong with the world at present: no interiority, no consciousness of the soul-spiritual ground of existence. (What else is new! But this ignorance is encroaching more and more upon the private sphere.)-Dr. Polikoff letter to Jon


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