The Creator’s Art

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This website now serves as an archive of the June ’22 event with links, videos of sessions, photos, etc.

CLICK HERE for the video archive of the Confluence 22 sessions.

Let’s re-imagine the future together!

History is offering us a rare opportunity to go inward and reflect on a world-wide experience. Perhaps you have wondered, “How will the world change from COVID and our other current crises?”

The Creator’s Art Confluence focuses on the idea that the individual Self is the source of creative vision. If we are to see real and lasting change in society, we must be willing to reach outside our usual arenas. This confluence will explore possibilities through mutual support, dialog, experiential arts, active imagination and engaging in ritual and play.


what wants to awaken in you?

June 10-13, 2022

What is the confluence?

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watch a short teaser:

The entire 28-min. interview is HERE

This is us; creative, concerned and compassionate people:

Dr. Jon Jackson

psychiatrist & Teacher

Coeleen Kiebert

Coeleen Kiebert, M.S.

Artist & Teacher

Tim Holmes

Tim Holmes

artist philosopher

Skip Conover

Skip Conover

Executive & Teacher

Bob Mannis

Bob Mannis, Ph.D.


Sherrie Lovler

Painter & Poet